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Full Length Plays



Tony Schwartz

   We've entertained thousands with our plays, and now, you can, too! Scroll down and check out our play titles.  For information about a title, a synopsis of the play, to read a script sample or purchase playbooks or performance rights, simply click on the book cover or the "Learn More" button of that title.

Legally Gray booklet cover.jpg

The empty nest isn't empty for long when Mike Malone's daughter and mother-in-law both hit him with news at his birthday party in this hilarious two act comedy!

Widow's Peak booklet cover 2.jpg

A chilling thriller filled with plot twists, characters who aren't who they say they are, and a few laughs thrown in as well! It keeps you guessing right till the end!


Widowed Stanley and Helen find themselves in hot water when they plan their first intimate night together!


Stanley and Helen are at it again, this time in Las Vegas with wedding plans, in this laugh-a-minute sequel!

Last Chance booklet cover.jpg

What happens when busy restaurant owner Tony decides to try online dating for seniors?  Total chaos!  This hilarious comedy shows what could go wrong in the world of online dating!

Eat Your Words booklet cover.jpg

A writer's club, a Roman dig site, an English countryside manor and characters who aren't sure who to trust, spell out thrills, twists, a few laughs and murder!

RaisingCane coverweb.jpg

About our Playbooks....


Fed up with boring games, bingo, ridiculous physical fitness programs and an annoying young woman in charge who doesn't understand seniors at all, the members of the Sunnyvale Senior Center revolt!  They take control of the senior center and the rest is madcap history!


  We feel we have the finest playbooks out there.  They are a full 8.5 x 11 inches with plenty of room in the margins to make notes. And, they're spiral bound, so they won't begin to come apart and have pages falling out in the middle of rehearsal! 


  Well, that's it for now, seven full length plays. But of course, we're working on number eight right now. And don't forget to check out our murder mystery scripts.  Click the button below.  Thanks for checking out our plays and......

Break a leg!

Tony & Marylou 

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