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Widow's Peak booklet cover 2.jpg

Full Length, Thriller / Comedy
5 men

3 women
Total Cast: 8

Flexible Set

FEE: $75 per performance

THE STORY: Nothing ever happens in Rocky Point, a quaint town on the Maine coast. That’s what the locals say, but it wasn’t always true. In 1876, a sea captain’s widow threw herself off a cliff, now known as “Widow’s Peak.” One-hundred years later, a teenage girl plunged to her death from that same peak. No violent deaths have occurred since then, knock wood. But the townspeople are worried. No one has seen Cathy Carter for two weeks, including her best friend, Maddie, who owns the café. When anyone questions Cathy’s husband, Will, he says mind your own business. As tempers flare and suspicions surface, the long-buried secrets of this tight-knit community are revealed. Could be, Rocky Point won’t have to wait another hundred years for something momentous to happen!

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