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Last Chance booklet cover.jpg

Full Length, Comedy
2 men

3 women
Total Cast: 5

Flexible Set

FEE: $75 per performance


  Online dating gets off on the wrong foot in this romantic comedy!

Tony, an Italian restaurant owner in his 70s, has been a widower for 10 years. He’s lonely, and decides to try online dating. So he registers at, a senior dating site, finds some promising-looking women, and then, over the course of a week, invites them to his restaurant for dinner. The problem is, Tony hasn’t been on a date since 1959, and he’s a nervous wreck. He’s also hopeless at scheduling appointments, having relied on his hostess/bookkeeper Carmela to do this for years. Consequently, all his dates turn up at the same time! Will Tony get back into the dating game, or has he been out of action too long? Will there be a catfight at the restaurant? And is a certain jealous coworker sabotaging Tony’s last chance for love? 

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