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RaisingCane coverweb.jpg

Full Length, Comedy
3 men

3 women
Total Cast: 6

Flexible Set

FEE: $75 per performance

THE STORY: The atmosphere at the Sunnyvale Senior Center is far from sunny.  The décor is depressing, the lunches are lousy, the activities are asinine, and the social director is nauseatingly perky.  Attendance is down to three seniors, and they’re crabby as hell.  Then a mysterious man on work release from the local prison arrives to do community service.  He’s called “Cane,” and as he goes about his custodial duties, he imparts a bit of wisdom, a few words of encouragement, a joke or two - and hope for the future.  Energized, the seniors stage a revolt, with hilarious results!  Who is Cane?  Why is he in prison?  And why does everyone - seniors and staff, suddenly feel like   anything is possible?

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